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Residency as Worker

Nicaraguan and foreign companies usually hire foreigners to work, for several reasons, therefore it is imperative to follow the legal process to obtain residency.

It is important to know that Law 761, General Law Immigration and Foreigners of Nicaragua, states two kind of residencies for foreigners:

a) Temporary which last one year

b) Permanent which last five years.

Temporary will last for one year. Under this sub category it is include the possibility for foreigners to apply for residency as workers.

The process to apply for residency as worker is similar than any other, however it is mandatory to prepare some additional information.

Any applicant have to submit as minimum this three documents:

1. Birth Certificate Apostille in your country.

2. Police certificate legalized from the country of origin, with Apostille.

3. Health certificate legalized from the country or origin or can be obtain in any public clinic of the government in Nicaragua, called: Centro de Salud.

Additionally of these documents, a worker has to submit:

4. Labor Contract which have to be certified by the Labor Ministry in Managua.

5. Copy of the Title or Degree duly Apostille.

6. Copies of legal documents of the employee as: (minimum)

a. Articles of incorporation of the Company. b. Power of attorney of the legal representative. c. Copy of the RUC. d. ID of the legal representative. e. Municipal license of the business f. Affidavit signed by the employee.

It is important to say, Nicaragua Immigration is very flexible and no there is a minimum salary to be declare, however employees have to be justified why is hiring to a foreign person to work in Nicaragua, especially if there are the same specialist or professionals in Nicaragua.

At the time Immigration will grant the residency it will be imperative to do a payment of the equivalent of a one-way ticket to return the country of origin.

This payment will remind deposit on Immigration during the time the resident lives in Nicaragua and will return to him/her just at the time is not going to be resident anymore.

That payment is additionally to the Residency fee which are equivalent of $ 150.

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