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Because I receive very often emails requesting information regarding Residency as Foreign Investors, I would like to clarify how the process works.

Some people believe that buying a property with a value of $30,000.00 is sufficient enough to be able to apply for the residency as Foreign Investors.

To be able to apply for this kind of residency, it is mandatory to obtain the endorsement from MIFIC (Ministerio de Industria, Fomento y Comercio).

Please be aware that MIFIC had started applying new regulations regarding the issuance of the certification for those Nicaraguan companies created to hold an asset (property) in order to obtain a residency as investor in Nicaragua (5 years residency).

In order to proceed with the residency application as investor, a company has to be created to hold the asset (investment) and the MIFIC issues a certification whereby the investment made is approved. This document is a main requirement to get this type of residency.

According to the new regulations, the company needs to have operations and workers and submit a copy of the payroll, not only to be used as a simple asset holder.

For those interested in this program, please check the information below:


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