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News regarding the authentication for Canadian documents

Please note the following update:

For Canadians who needs to legalize any document to be valid in Nicaragua such as: Birth Certificates, Marriage certificates, Power of Attorneys Police and Health certificates or any other, to do business, get married or are planning to apply for residency in Nicaragua.

Since January 24th 2023, all consular procedures were transferred again to the office of the Nicaraguan Consulate in Washington D.C., USA.

Document authentication at the consulate does not require prior translation, it could be translated in Nicaragua and can be authenticated either by the governor of the province (where the document was prepared) or by the Global Affairs office.

Contact Consul General Miriam Hooker

1627 New Hampshire Ave, NW

Washington, DC 20009

Sara Gonzalez:


  • (202) 939 - 6531

  • (202) 939 – 6532

  • (202) 939 – 6570 ext. 1316

In Managua documents have to be authenticated at the Foreign Affair Ministry, in Managua to be valid in Nicaragua.

As a personal note, my experience working with the Nicaraguan Consulate in Washington during several years has be very good, when we request it, they send the package directly to my office, it is mandatory to send them a pre-paid envelope for that purpose.

Please take into consideration that Nicaraguan government requires original from the documents in order to apply for residency.

Best Regards,

Paul Tiffer


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